Jail or Freedom?

Jail or Freedom?


 Life has shown me another tantalizing tidbit that warrants some observation.


 People seem to believe that most “bad people” are in jail and the greater good are out. However, that observation couldn’t be further from the truth as I perceive it.


 The Free Dictionary defines jail as:

jail, gaol [dʒeɪl]


1. (Law) a place for the confinement of persons convicted and sentenced to imprisonment or of persons awaiting trial to whom bail is not granted

get out of jail (free) Informal to get out of a difficult situation


(tr) to confine in prison

[from Old French jaiole cage, from Vulgar Latin caveola (unattested), from Latin cavea enclosure; see cage: the two spellings derive from the forms of the word that developed in two different areas of France, and the spelling gaol represents a pronunciation in use until the 17th century]

jailless , gaolless adj

jail-like , gaol-like adj

// Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged © HarperCollins Publishers 1991, 1994, 1998, 2000, 2003


 A place for confinement? Let’s see, are you able to travel to Venice Italy for lunch? I would ponder that time and finances may have you confined?


 Would you be able to leave at 3am and go where you please? Perhaps your husband, girl friend, children, etc. have you confined?


 Can you spend all that you want at your favorite retail merchant as you wish? I dare say that your funds, or lack of, may have you imprisoned.


 I could go on and on but let’s get to the construction of a jail. A jail, simply put, is where you have been put in a position where as you can not exercise all of your God given options.

 We are all in a jail of sorts yet many fail to recognize the fundamentals.


 The trick to it all is being able to define your cell’s dimensions and limitations. Once done, an enlightened individual uses these dimensions to free one’s self from the actual container that he or she is in.


 Remember when you got your first job and the things you were going to do with that pay check? You were going to do this and that like never before right?

 You most likely calculated your earnings based on your hours and before you even received your check; money was missing.


 Welcome to your first realization of the dimensions and limitations of your cell. This is a limitation that most will endure all their lives.


 But…………it doesn’t have to be like this.


 The keys to freedom are within you. It’s simply a matter of you learning about the tools available to the average American during the course of life.


 Acceptance of circumstances and turning those perceived negatives into positives is the initial step of any successful journey.


 This, my friends, doesn’t come easy. I would even venture to say that it’s a mentally developed person’s right of passage.

 Our monetary system, indoctrination and misguided belief systems tend to put life’s greatest treasures an inch out of reach.

 This is a perception and far from how life has to be.


 Capitalism does not in any way, shape or form convey freedom. Your beautiful flowers are outside and your cell phone is where? Great books of enlightenment may seem difficult to find yet porn is where? My site may go unopened yet your television is on how many hours a day?


 Your neighbors may seem to have it made; he has a more lavish life style; she has the career of a life time; everyone’s in love but me….so on and so forth.

 It’s all very superficial and rarely true.


 Don’t you wash up and put on your game face before you leave in the morning? Ok, do you actually think that the next person isn’t doing quite the same?


 Jail cells not only keep us locked in, they keep others locked out. I know from my heart I can’t have you knowing my deepest secrets. My secrets are the first portion of constructing my own dimensions that I can freely navigate.


 Nick, how do I free myself from my cell?


 First off, separate needs from wants. Remember how you needed this or that as a teen? Where is that item now? Was it a bike, dress, make up, perhaps it was the attention of others, a party, a drink or a joint? What happened to that perception over time? It went away with age didn’t it and it most likely wasn’t a need at all.


 Your “wants” can imprison you.


 Learning to accept one’s self for “self” is a great achievement. I use to have to wear jewelry, leather suits, Michael Jordan’s, tailor made clothes, etc. One day I realized that I wasn’t even me unless I adorned someone else’s crap.

 I wasn’t being me; I was imprisoned by my concern of how I thought you might perceive me.


 Now days, I get up, tend to my hygiene, wear clean clothes and damn what you may think! Oops, I’m taking down the walls of my perceived jail.


 I use to think I had to have a wad of money to impress you. I was so busy impressing you, I forgot to impress me.


 When I look at my small living area, I’m blessed. Why did I need a 3 bedroom home when I was married? I don’t have children. Oh yeah, I had to lock myself in to financial jail in order to gain your acceptance…or…so I thought? I never once took a good look at the spectators of my play. If I had, I would have realized that you probably weren’t worth my façade?


 You say you want freedom, impress yourself with a higher standard of morals. Find ethics that help you sleep well at night. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.


 Hold yourself accountable to a higher standard as dictated by your core beliefs and your conscious.


 Forget the frills; I shop Dollar General on the regular. I pick up free paper to assist me with chores around the house. I wash very basic clothing in the tub as I shower; am I to make a load out of clothing that never goes outside?


 Are you financially, mentally, emotionally or by any other way living beyond your means? Well, those are your bars which have locked you up. I respectfully submit to you that there is a man in prison for life that is freer in spirit than you may ever be.

 What has he done? He has accepted life on life’s terms; he eats what is practical and affordable; he endeavors with his mind beyond the limits of his physical limitations; he is at one with his inner being with no need to “high cap”.


 Jail is a place of confinement that most have put themselves in to with out any knowledge of the action.


 Do you think you own your car, home, clothes, etc? Who has to work and maintain them? Perhaps your possessions own you? I have never witnessed an inanimate object need anyone yet I have seen the opposite more than I care to think.


 The commercials, neighbors, magazines, glam and glitter do not make your world….you do. Create for yourself a world that you can be content within and you’re headed for freedom.

 Don’t mind the bumpy road; it’s always a bit more tedious when you’re working towards something of substance.


 It took me 48 years to see the folly of my ways and now I’m providing you with a short cut from frustration that others may never see but you will.


 By the way, the largest jail / prison that I have ever observed on earth, is the one, “Someone’s going to do it for me”. That alone tends to be the foundation of every prison in part or in full. If you need it, educational, motivational, financial, etc. you have to put in the effort to get it.


 You will always have my support in your endeavors; I created this site to help you on your way.








  1. kelly bonavito says:

    Wow…i feel that was written for me!

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