About me…well ok. I’m a man that was born into a rough set of circumstances. I was named after Nicky Barnes….that suffice…

I had no childhood to speak of, attended various private schools, colleges, univeristies, etc. & dropped out of everyone of them……yet those adults around me interpreted I was different.

I went on to the Coast Guard, marriages, several cities wearing many hats always interpreting that I was different.

My mentor, Dr. Jesse Nash stuck by me through the thick and the thin. One day I was meant to meet Dr. Richard O’Halloran…and that’s where the terminology to fit the “thoughts” were finally united.

A little Mensa this, Thomas Troward that with an overwhelming amount of James Allen and here I is…smiles.

I share very practical means of “thinking” with those that are sincere about Personal Life Freedom.

I’m not dogmatic yet I do Trust Divinity through Purity.

I will say more when questioned by a person & until then: OpenMinds2012.org


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