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Trueque Marine Services

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Nicholas D. Johnson

3165 N. Atlantic Ave. B101, Cocoa Beach, FL 32931




800 Scallop Dr.

Port Canaveral, FL. 32920

Trueque is primarily an electrical / IT21 based entity.

We address marine and commercial contracts. We’re fully insured and are willing to discuss your current situation.

This division is associated with Open Minds 2012 which endorses the “bartering” system fully.

Don’t fret about “notes of legal tender”; have the materials and we can work from that point forward.



Journeyman Electrician

Complete electrical circuits for McDonald’s new devices. Install sub-panels – run conduit – dedicate circuits for POS – tap MDP as per MOP.

1 Jul 07’ – Dec 07’ Destiny Lounge Niagara Falls, NY

Electrical Superintendent

Rip out all existing circuits back to the service. Wire entire single story commercial structure creating “as built” drawings – 480 service – power / lighting – Fire Alarm – Phone – Data – Lan – CCTV – PTZ’s – Created switching unit for 50 TV’s – Install DJ equipment & mixing board.

..06’ – 07’ IBM via Grubb& Ellis Gaithersburg, MD

Stationary Engineer – Electrician

Monitor and maintain – High voltage room from 69K KV field – Sub station – Paralleling switch gear – UPS & battery rooms – PDU’s / CACU’s – CDU’s – Liebert cooling system (CRAC’s) –DDC system (monitor only) – Generators – create liquid tight circuits within the NOC using pin sleeve devices / HVAC monitor & maintain – Chillers – Condensers – Cooling towers (belt driven) – Pumps – Control wire / line power – Air Handlers –ADR / ADS – VAV’s / FPVAV’s – Boilers and all associated devices. Working knowledge of PLC and its software environment & interfaces.
1 Sep 06’ – 10 Oct 06’ Scott Thomas Reston, VA

Electrical Foreman

Complete electrical install / Chico’s clothing – rough in / trim out – power & lighting. Report directly to GC Superintendent
1 Dec 03 – NTECH Solutions Various

Project Manager

Complete ownership & responsibility to drive projects to conclusion – Translate project requirements into project objectives – Manage task assignments to project resources – Develop detailed project schedules, resource plans & status reports – Conduct project meetings, safety meetings, and mange client and GC expectations – Manage all interactions amongst end users, vendors and, services – Review project deliverables & set appointments with local inspectors by section or time line – Ensure satisfactory transfer of product upon completion – create documentation to be shared as learning tools for the next project.

Contract Accutronics Datacom VaBch, VA.

Project Lead

Manage install at Naval Surface Warfare Center (Dahlgren, VA) Organize team members for optimal production – Submit daily’s – Trouble shoot problems before they occur – OSP/ISP walk troughs with ASC/EDS Reps – Perform liaison type duties – Set the pace and standards for various tasks.

Feb04’ – Aug04’ World IT Solutions Various

Lead Telecomm Tech

Complete NMCI installs on various military bases – Cat 5e – Fiber Optics ( Unicam Termination & fusion splicing) Trouble Shoot – Aerial

& Lashing – Burial – Build networks-Wired/Wireless – Sales intros for new business – coordinate team members and run crews. Extensive use of structural construction standards according to building code (EIA/TIA).


July03’ – Feb04’ CDI/Braggs Electrical Little Rock, AR

Electrician/Telecommunication Installer

Build switch gear QA-QC all circuits and pilec connections – set and monitor ATS for a smooth transition at all times report directly to GC of all changes in electrical environment – Phone – Data – EMS – Fire Alarm – Controls – Sound Sys. – AV – CCTV – Satellite – RTAC,s – Dips – Locknetics – Electrician/IT21


Jun02’- Nov02’ PROSOFT Various

Senior Telecomm Tech

Senior Telecom Tech –NMCI Installs-OSP/ISP Walk Troughs-Team Leader (Get it done correctly; on time; and under budget). Lead man for all of Prosoft’s construction of PDS’s on all NMCI contracts (cable tray-conduit-fabrications penetrations-fire stop-tech support-cert-etc). List of completed contracts upon request. Complete knowledge of PDS Quality Assurance Checklist as set forth by General Dynamics.



Telecomm Tech

CINCLANRFLT-Niprnet –Siprnet -Mission Critical. Upgrade VDOT infrastructure (MM-SM Fiber Termination/Fusion Splicing/Cat 5e) PTT-Level 2 (MM-SM Fiber Termination/Fusion Splicing/Cat 5e) PTT-Level 2 Testing (Wavetek2) various locations. Structural Fabrications-Create Site Maps-Trouble Shoot-Run Conduit (EMT-IMC-Rigid). Completed NH-1 infrastructure-PTT,


May01’ – Nov02’ CBC Norfolk, VA

Fiber Optic Technician/electrician

Conduit bending, emt- ridged, core drilling, wire devices-panels-breakers-ATS-Complete rough-ins etc. Certified ST/SC connector termination, fusion splicing. OTDR Testing. Fiber optic organizing trays. Certified by Lord & Bayer. Data punch down (Cat.5-Cat.5e-Cat.3) (RG6-8-11) Telephone Main Frame-skeleton & enclosed rack construction, IDC connection blocks. Wavetek Testing, Fire Alarm Install. Strobe+ Pull boxes,

Completed DECA Petersburg, VA (2500 fiber optic terminations)

Z133 Norfolk Navel Base (5000+Cat5 terminations)

Completing BEQ (Lead-Man). Data/Phone/RG6/RG11. Pull, Terminate, And Test.




Primary Company Category-Assembler 1, IT21 Division-Assemble MBTs, ABTs, Transformers, Power panels, MDVO boxes and RJ45 connectors, Fiber Optics, Multi-pin connectors, Marine and commercial power, Radar Domes, Dry Air management systems. Read blueprints, (structural-electrical-welding-Telecom backbone-run sheets-mapping


US Coast Guard 84’ – 86’ – Snipe – various tasks

Pumps – diesel engines – electrical – refrigeration

fire watch – HAZMAT – etc



1981-Buffalo State College, Buffalo, NY

Liberal Arts, 3.0-4.0 GPA

1986-NTS Welding/ Electrical

1990-Genesee Community College, Olean, NY

Liberal Arts, 3.8-4.0 GPA

86’ -91’ Master Electrician – William Anderson

Apprenticeship – Anderson Marine – Buffalo, NY.


FASA BASA – DoD – NAVSEA – Milspec Certs –

Electrical Journeyman’s Card – Man lift – Ramset





Thank You

          Nicholas D. Johnson




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