Trueque Business Plan Summary

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 Nicholas D. Johnson

3165 N. Atlantic Ave. B101, Cocoa Beach, FL 32931



3165 N Atlantic Ave B101

Cocoa Beach, FL.32931


Subject: Business Plan Summary

Trueque is a sole proprietary business and sub-division of Open Minds 2012 with an active EIN.

Trueque exists where ever two individuals can communicate in person or by device.

Trueque openly “discourages” exchanges of legal notes of tender, checks, money orders, etc.

Our Marine, Commercial, Sustainability, Spiritual, Mentoring and Consulting is based in “Not for Profit” exchanges of services, better means & practices, ideas, knowledge, etc.

We support recycling; growing your own; time banking; restoration and refurbishing; sharing; group endeavors to achieve common goals; clean / green energy; enlightenment; self reliance and resiliency; natural remedies; healthy “thinking” to produce healthy physical conditions, etc.

If one can not interpret our Spirit and Purpose from this brief description; there is no need for further explanation.

Thank You

Nicholas D. Johnson

Nicholas D Johnson






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