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American Preppers Network – National Family Preparedness and Self-Reliance Organization

via American Preppers Network – National Family Preparedness and Self-Reliance Organization.


42,000 modern-day slaves rescued but millions in bondage, trafficking report says – World News

via 42,000 modern-day slaves rescued but millions in bondage, trafficking report says – World News.

Change? Me?

Posted: June 8, 2012 in Uncategorized

                                            Change? Me?


 It seems that the social dating climate hasn’t changed much since I last gave it a whirl. People still create relationships with others that they some how intend to assert change.


 You said you wanted a man or a woman in your life. How much of a man or woman could they be if they bowed to your whims?


 The statement for the intended relationship is thwarted before it can even begin to take root.


 When you guys meet a woman, you say you love “this” and you love “that” about her but more often than not, those tend to be words of lust. If the sentiments were true, why are you already angling for changes in this person?


 Here’s a typical example of what most do: You put on your best game face, attempting to seduce her with your charm and wit. Then you attempt to show her all of the characteristics you believe she endears. Next, you go the extra mile in convincing her that you’re of substance and good material for the long haul. Sometimes it’s just to mimic a “bit” for a “bit”.


 I don’t believe in this word but for my purposes here; I’ll use it. You’re shot the hell out STUPID!


 Big “If” here, but if she’s a woman, she’ll see through your theatrical performance better than you can see yourself.

 Women have a sense that men will never have and most will never understand. They have a realm of perception that is as foreign as Mars to most males. You, as a male, don’t have to feel it to understand it.

 In order to be successful, forget all about your charade and concentrate on what you really are. If you find short comings within yourself; work at these undesirable characteristics. A real woman will see your efforts and pull right with you.


 I see you guys out there setting your mental traps. I guess you think that you’re going to snare a woman. The problem with traps is that all to fast, you’re most likely to trap yourself as well as the intended person. But, traps have a fatal flaw guys, you can’t see the holes / flaws in your trap while she can. Keep playing childish games and you’ll trap yourself.


 Let’s get back to what you wanted and I’ll bet my last dollar that in the beginning it was simply sex. There’s nothing wrong with that yet you need to express it. Do you actually think that she doesn’t care to be found desirable? What do you think she shopped at the mall all those hours of the day for? Make-up, perfume, stockings and all that yadda yadda was to be “presentable”.

 Yet once again we’re back to where most guys fuck it all up. It’s called “tact, diplomacy, articulate conversation”, etc. You city boys tend to talk that “thug shit” while you country boys talk tend to that “deer piss” shit, or at least that’s the basis for the bravado perhaps hidden from yourself.


 She doesn’t want to hear that and if she does; you really aren’t working with much, win, loose or draw.


 A real woman wants to understand a few things: She wants to see a future in her emotional investment; an environment of sensibility; most need a perception of safety and support; thoughts of computability seem to be ever present and most, even though it’s going away, want to feel a sense of loyalty.

 I only say that because he bought a pack of condoms on your last visit and he’s buying another pack now? You do the math.


 The first mistake, as you read this, is looking at her. Nah, you need to be looking at yourself.


 Have you ever been to the carnival and paid gosh knows how many dollars to win a gold fish? That’s exactly what your going to win if she goes for your penny assed game!

 You see fellas, if she goes for the penny assed game, you just won yourself a penny assed woman.


 The real woman will see the cracks in your armor, own up to them. Allow her to be the nurturing soul that many (maybe, some, ??) were intended to be. Wear your flaws on your forehead and believe you me, it will pay off in the long run no matter what the choices either of you make.

 When you diligently show your short comings, the other person can get angry but they can never say that you perpetrated a fraud. With that, the anger becomes their problem, not yours.


 Be in observance at all times that “we attract who we are, not whom we want”, James Allen.


 That little paraphrase says it all…at least to me. If I want / need a better woman; I must become a better man. The frog and the princess shit was for your childhood amusement and does not work in real life.


 Quick tangent: Males, stop talking shit about you x’s! You think you’re impressing other males but to a man; your only showing your poor tastes; lack of cognitive skills and need of better judgment!


 Now, lets get down to the substance of this entire conundrum.


 Men, you wish to be men and as you are, correct? Are you willing to let her be herself and who she is as a woman? You may want to take your time with this; most immediate responses are a lies so deeply embedded that you won’t see them.

 Are you going to drop your boundary issues; control and limitation issues for this woman? If you answered “yes”, I’m sorry but that’s not the correct answer and here’s why.


 The day before you met her, she was doing some thing, some task that she enjoyed without you. Now your going to make a change in your core belief system to allow this woman a freedom she already had. The problem becomes, “How long can you maintain this deviation in your own standards”? If you dropped a portion of your “self”, your core belief system(s), in most case scenarios there is but the matter of “time” before you pick that back up. Agility within thought should have left you walking away or, perhaps, seeking a more suitable arrangement.


 If you find that her activities coincided, for the most part, with your own thoughts and activities the day “before” you two met; you may want to water that garden.


 You can take this to your grave fellas, a woman is going to be a woman with or without you.


 Look at and be honest with yourself. Are you a loner, needy, greedy, sexaholic, alcoholic, drug abuser, broke,etc. Because the “one” that’s going to be with you for any length of time is quite the same or fulfilling her role in the dysfunctional equation(s).


That’s right and you don’t have to like me or what I’m writing but “water heads” attract “water heads”.

There will always be those that defy this theory yet if I toss a ball in to the air; it can only defy the laws of gravity “briefly”. You said you were looking for……


 Many may not like this either but as a youngster I was once told by an old man, “If you want to be happy, find someone just as messed up as you”. I don’t agree with the statement whole heartedly yet I do see his point. With that, my adherence to the rule becomes irrelevant.


 So how do we finish this off?


 Guys, males, men, what ever label you care to use; become what it is that you seek. It is not the responsibility of the person you have met to better your conditions. The bettering of one’s condition lay solely on the possessor of the thought. He / she doesn’t owe you shit with perhaps the exception of honesty as they perceive it. I had to say “perhaps” because honesty isn’t really owed to anyone but self and most actively screw that up on a minute by minute basis.


 Don’t wait for “her” to come along to begin the changes that you understand that you need in yourself. Make those changes now before you ever meet her. Make a better you for you and create the environment for a better “her”.


 I’m not going to go in to my history but I have done it ALL…..nuff said. Faking it at this level will only produce one thing that I have ever witnessed: Total and complete failure as a man.


 I don’t care how long you make the ball seem to levitate in mid-air, you will have to live with yourself the rest of your life.


 Instead of endeavoring to change him or her, you may simply want to change your mind.