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US Warned Could Soon Face Russian Wrath From Space

Shattered America Falls Into Coma

Obama Orders ‘Arctic Death Camps’ Built To Hold American Traitors

FREEDOM: What have we done?

US Assault On Iran To Start World War

China Joins Russia, Orders Military To Prepare For World War III

Obama Regime Warns All Americans: “IF YOU FIGHT US YOU WILL DIE!”

CRITICAL UPDATE: They Are Going To Come For You…Why Are You Helping Them?

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World News Now

December 26, 2011


United States


Obama greets military families for Christmas in Hawaii

Christmas massacre leaves 7 dead in US

“Shadow CIA” US security firm Stratfor hacked‎ by Anonymous

US new home sales said heading for worst year ever‎

Homeless children called the new face of US recession

US Population Grows at Slowest Rate Since 1940s

Obama Grabs War Powers With Signing Statement

US Condemns Syria Terror Bombings

US Judge Rules Iran Responsible for 9/11

US Homes Lose $700 Billion in Value in 2011

FBI Warns of Posting Photos to The Web

Horse Slaughterhouses Warned Could Return to US

Merry Christmas America, Now Give Us Your Money – Love, EPA

US Retirement Assets Reported Have Declined by $1.4 Trillion

Head of US Customs and Border Protection resigns

Local Police in US Warned Are Ready for War With DHS-Funded Military Weapons




Putin said still enjoys majority support in Russia despite protests

Gorbachev calls on Putin to quit amid protests against election fraud

Medvedev says Nagorno Karabakh conflict can be settled quickly

More than 100,000 take to the streets across Russia to protest election fraud

Russia’s space chief says industry in ‘crisis’ after latest failure

Russia test-fires two new nuclear missiles‎

Key Putin ally calls for him to listen to protesters

Russia warns of religious rift after Arab Spring

Russian satellite crashes into Siberia after launch

Russia’s military spymaster leaves his post

Russia and US clash over NATO bombing probe

Russia Ramps Up New ‘Satan’ Nuke After US Talks Breakdown

US Missile Defense Fantasy Warned is Souring Russian ‘Reset’

Russia warns US is seeking to dominate Global online freedom




Wen holds talk with Japanese leader over Korean peninsula

China warned is facing the largest migration in human history

US-China Trade Battle Warned To Get Hotter

US Warned Headed For Cyberwar Showdown With China In 2012

China makes record purchase as Eurozone puts assets up for sale

Guangdong protests warned could alter China’s leadership shuffle

China’s criticism of US policy turns personal

China announces currency swap with Pakistan

Hong Kong Suspends Chicken Sales After H5N1 Avian Flu Detected

China warns EU of carbon tax ‘trade war’

China Sentences Top Dissident to 9 Years in Prison

North Korea Warns South to Respect Late Leader

China Talks With US, South Korea on North Succession

US readies food aid to North Korea

China reacts cautiously to first India-US-Japan meeting

CNOOC reports gas leak in South China Sea‎


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United Kingdom


Prince Philip spends Christmas in hospital

Cameron plans crackdown on sexualized advertising

Archbishop laments ‘broken bonds and abused trust’ in British society

British Armed Forces Chief Warns Over Afghanistan‎

Cameron pledges to protect Falklands in the face of Argentina tension

UK eyes ‘failed state’ Somalia as National Security threat

Case builds for Scottish independence

UK authorities fight for MF Global’s $700 million‎

UK plans to ban excessive credit card surcharges

UK reassures women after breast implant alert despite French warning

UK reported in fury as South America closes ranks to ban Falklands boats

UK’s AAA credit rating warned threatened by ‘formidable challenges’

UK Shuns Crisis Aid as Europe Channels Extra €150 Billion to IMF

Three million British jobs depend on EU, warn business leaders

Ireland to sign historic agreement with the UK on common travel

Saudi British Bank Ratings Reviewed for Downgrade at Moody’s

EU demands £25 billion bailout from UK‎


European Union


Frail Pope prays for peace at Christmas

ECB wall of cash pushes liquidity to all time high

Hungry rejects EU conditions on bailout package

Italian bonds rise above critical 7% level

In near-bankrupt Greece, crisis spurs gold fever

EU Warns Israel Against Connecting Ma’ale Adumim With Jerusalem

ECB lends EU banks staggering €489 Billion

European Court defies US over airline carbon tax

EU fails to reach €200 billion IMF loan target

IMF Chief warns World economy is at ‘very dangerous juncture’



Sarkozy hits back over Turkish claims of French genocide

Sarkozy fights war against the enemy from within

France accuses Syria of trying to dupe monitors

France offers to pay to have faulty breast implants removed

France’s top female presidential candidates slug it out

France’s Third-Quarter Expansion Was Weaker Than Estimated




Germany Will Help Europe Overcome Crisis, Wulff to Say in Christmas Speech

Germany’s grumbling over EU debt crisis said rings a little false

Germany Says It Sent Patriot Missiles Stopped In Finland

Germany Becomes Latest Court to Reject Apple’s Android Assault

Merkel Takes Vacation as Debt Crisis, Domestic Turmoil Fester

German Push to Remodel Europe Warned May Backfire

German business morale rises, defies Eurozone gloom

Merkel backs beleaguered German head of state

German president in peril after he stayed in villa

Germany tells Britain not to give up on Europe

Germany criticizes Israel for settlement building

Swedish Automaker Saab Files for Bankruptcy

Merkel Said Mired by Woes That May Deflect EU Debt Crisis Effort

Germans rebuff calls for ECB action after summit

German Economy Warned Faces Renewed Recession Risk

German manufacturing shrinks for 3rd month in December

The Day The Euro Died, Thanks To Germany


Insight Into Today’s News

This was your last Christmas in the old, prosperous, untouched America

The Amazing Truce: Christmas in the trenches

The Light of the Seven Days

We Shall Overcome: Ron Paul’s rise has the War Party frothing at the mouth

The New Blue Collar: Temporary Work, Lasting Poverty And The American Warehouse

‘Craigslist killer’ case highlights the plight of America’s jobless

When the Bubble Bursts


35 Shocking Facts That Prove That College Education Has Become A Giant Money Making Scam

Rape in the US Military: America’s dirty little secret

America the Battlefield: The End of the Rule of Law

‘Going Galt’: Hedge Broker Shuts Down Firm With Chilling Letter About the Market

20 Things You Should Know About the Bill That Could Ruin America

Is the World Spinning Out of Control?

George Orwell on the Evil Iranian Menace

Obama’s Dictatorship Is Almost Complete

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Netanyahu said is failing in his mission to ‘save Israel’

Israeli Jewish extremists spread violent mayhem

Israel cancels defense deal over Turkey’s ties to Iran

Israel Said it Didn’t Know Tech Gear Was Sent to Iran Via Denmark

Netanyahu said okayed Golan Heights withdrawal

Netanyahu decries efforts to segregate public buses

Hamas says it will switch tactics to non-violence

More than 1,000 homes to go up in East Jerusalem, West Bank

Israel Releases 550 Palestinian Prisoners

Israeli woman refuses ultra-Orthodox dictate to move to back of bus

Netanyahu’s crackdown on Jewish extremists unlikely to change West Bank status quo

Netanyahu rejects terrorists’ label for rioting rightists

Peres calls right-wing violence ‘a disaster’ that must be stopped

Livni calls mosque arson in Jerusalem a hate crime

Israeli officials say Syria’s Bashar al-Assad is doomed

Abbas seeks EU backing for UN membership

Attorney General proposes bill that would place sweeping gag order on all investigations in Israel

West Bank mosque attacked as Israel razes settler outpost

Netanyahu calls emergency meeting after Jewish settlers attack Israeli military base




Erdogan Accuses France of Genocide

Turkey Imposes Sanctions for French Genocide Bill

Turkey recalls French ambassador over Armenian genocide denial law

Erdogan attacks France over Armenian “genocide” law‎

Turkey toughens stance, tells France to face own ‘bloody history’

Turkey threatens retaliation against France

20 Kurdish rebels reported killed by Turkish forces

Erdogan called by Time Magazine the “steward of Islamic democracy”

Turkey refuses to open Indian account for Iran oil-sources

Turkey tries to influence Syria minorities

Senior Turkish diplomat says West has no evidence of Iran atomic bomb program

Turkish Trial Sparks Protest Charging Erdogan With Court Bias

Turkey says it “can’t stand by” if Syria threatens security

Kurdish rebels said kidnaps, brainwashes teenagers to become terrorists

Gul says Turkish-US Fight Against Kurdish Rebels to Be Widened

Turkish weapons smuggled into Syria end up with Muslim Brotherhood

Military action in Syria said is not an option for Turkey

Turkey hits Syria with major sanctions as military losses mount




Egypt Islamists sweep second round of election

Why the Egyptian People Are Choosing Islamists

Egypt divided after a week of violence kills at least 17‎

Egypt Scoffs ‘Foreign Interference’ After Clinton Comments

Bahrain police attack Shiite opposition headquarters, break up weekly meeting by force

Protesters battle for control of Egypt’s Tahrir Square as death toll mounts

Protests continue in Egypt as death toll rises to 14

Egypt’s military council blames protesters for violence

Image of unknown womans beaten by Egypt’s military echoes around World

‘Deeply concerned’ US frets as deadly Egypt clashes enter fourth day

Imprisoned activist’s daughter detained in Bahrain

Bahrain opposition leader urges release of blogger

Egypt army drafts rules for president vote

Accusations flare as Egyptians vote in 2nd round

Bahrain police crack down on march outside capital

Bahrain denies king, opposition meeting in London

Christians Warned Face Murky Future After Egypt Polls

Egypt Islamists offer vision for sin-free tourism

Baby’s death by tear gas warned threatens Bahrain reform agenda



[Note: Final Moves Of The New Great Game Are Now Being Planned.]

At least 40 dead in Nigeria Christmas bomb attacks

US Promises to Help Nigeria Find Bombers Who Killed Dozens on Christmas

Suicide bomb kills at least 20 in Afghanistan

US Embraces Low-Key Plan as Turmoil in Iraq Deepens

CIA Suspends Drone Attacks in Pakistan

10,000 US Troops leave Afghanistan

Suicide bombers strike government buildings in Damascus

At least 60 killed in wave of attacks as Iraq’s sectarian crisis rages

8 US Soldiers charged in death of fellow GI in Afghanistan

Iraq Prime Minister Tells Kurds to Hand Over Sunni Vice President

White House Stands by Biden Statement That Taliban Isn’t US Enemy

Secret US-Taliban talks may see Guantanamo prisoners given to Afghanistan

Iraqi Prime Minister Moves To Establish Dictatorship Day After US Troops Leave Country‎

Iraqis Who Helped US Occupation Forces Fear Revenge Attacks

Syria signs deal to allow Arab League monitors

US Lifts Most Libyan Sanctions, Frees $30 Billion

Last US Troops leave Iraq, ending war

Arab League threatens to take Syria to UN Security Council

Kenya marches into Somalia but can’t see the enemy

US to leave Iraqi airspace clear for strategic Israeli route to Iran‎

Syrian Army Defectors Kill 27 Soldiers as Armed Conflict Spreads

US says it will begin major shift to advisory Afghanistan role

Iraqis burn US flags to celebrate American Troop withdrawal

US Troops exiting Iraq deployed in Jordan to forestall Syrian attack

Syria threatens to expose sex tapes involving rulers from Gulf countries





Iran rejects US allegation on al Qaeda operative

Ahmadinejad to turn Iran into major gasoline exporter in World

Iranian Navy Begins 10-Day Drill in Persian Gulf

Iran war games warned could force US to ‘respond aggressively’

Iran extends oil deal with Turkey for 2012 despite sanctions

Iran starts registering candidates for March parliamentary elections

Iranian Navy to Hold Drill in International Waters

Iran Admits Western Sanctions Are Inflicting Damage‎

Iran calls Arab League peace deal on Syria crisis ‘acceptable’

Iran TV Shows Alleged US Spy ‘Confessing’

Iran Warns Afghanistan To Stop US Drone Flights

How Iran hacked super-secret CIA stealth drone

Iran to display downed US, Israeli “spy drones” in possession

Ahmadinejad says Iran can control US drone it downed

Iran to Stage Military Drill to Close Straits of Hormuz

Iran indicts 15 spies for US and Israel

Iran shrugs off US request to return spy drone

Iranian Jamming Technology Warned Could Be Worse News Than Downed CIA Drone

Eight killed in mysterious blast at Iranian steel plant‎

Iran shows video of captured CIA drone on main newscast




Chavez Cabinet Moves Seen Bolstering Venezuelan Military

Venezuela says Colombia hasn’t provided proper extradition request for rebel

Peruvian leader backs Bolivia’s demand for port

Chavez calls Obama a ‘clown’ President

Chavez rejects report involving Venezuela in plot against the US

Chavez launches cash giveaway for poor Venezuela kids

Latin Mercosur Bloc May Change Rules For Venezuela’s Membership

Venezuelan Government Launches National Effort to Aid Flood Victims

Heavy rains in Venezuela cause at least 8 deaths

Drug money shows in Bolivia housing boom

Chavez says China could soon surpass US as Venezuela’s top trade partner

Chavez heralds historic 33 Nation American alliance that excludes United States and Canada

Latin American, Caribbean Nations form new bloc

Chavez Unveils 40-Year Plan to Conquer Vice: ‘Socialism, socialism and more socialism.’

Chavez accuses Italy’s Parmalat of hoarding Venezuela milk

Chavez Price Caps Spark Panic Buying of Coffee, Toilet Paper

Venezuela Receives First Repatriated Gold Shipment From Europe

Chavez defends China ties as officials sign deals for $6 Billion in loans




Rousseff government tries to reinvigorate Brazil’s economy as Europe’s debt crisis deepens

Brazil’s Top Banks Tighten Grip on Lending Amid Effort to Aid Funding

Brazil fines Chevron a further $5.4 million for oil spill

Argentina told: Britain will never surrender the Falklands

Boss of Colombian crime ring surrenders to authorities along with over 280 members of group

Fuel pipeline explodes in Colombia, killing 11 and injuring 99

Top Argentine official commits suicide at summit

Paroled American Berenson leaves Peru for US visit

Rousseff evaluates the result of the UN Conference on Climate Change positively

Rousseff’s Honeymoon Said May Be Ending With Minister No. 8

Brazil Says It’s Done With Stimulus to Reignite Growth, Lending

Brazil state struggles with poverty despite rich natural resources

New oil find reported in Falkland Islands

Peru guerrillas kill soldier, wound five

Argentina launches naval campaign to isolate Falkland Islands

Sinking of World’s Largest Iron Ore Ship In Brazil Warned Could Disrupt Supplies

Rousseff named “Woman of the Year” by Brazilian press

Brazil Labour Minister is latest to resign‎ in corruption scandal


Official US Recovery Website

Official US Mortgage Help Website

US National Debt Clock

Real Help Now: UK Recovery Website

Train to Survive

Getting Through Tough Economic Times

The Red Cross Movement: Play the Prisoners of War Game

Total US War Casualties To Date




Mexican military takes control of Mexican State of Veracruz

US mother and daughters among victims in Mexico bus attack

Mexico cartel member charged in ICE agent’s murder

US To Cut Troops On Mexican Border To Less Than 300

Mexican farmers despair over record drought called worst in 70 years

Calderon spokesman says Mexico was unaware Obama regime was passing millions in laundered cash to drug cartels

After 5 years, Mexico’s drug war still rages on

US Proposes Unmanned Border Entry with Mexico

Shootout In Mexico Kills 11 Gunmen Near Texas Border

Deadly 6.5 magnitude earthquake strikes north of Acapulco

150,000 or more Mexican soldiers defect to go work for the cartels

4 shot dead in ambulance in Mexican border city

Calderon warns drug gangs in Mexico are threatening democracy

Calderón-Chávez pact halts Nationalization of Monaca

Mexico Drug War Refugees Look for Escape But to No Avail




Raul Castro pardons 3,000 prisoners, except convicted US spy

Cuban-Americans stream to the island for holidays

Cuba’s oil plans raise red flags

Raul Castro forced to change hotels over US embargo

Oil drilling off Cuba prompts talks in region

US will inspect Cuba’s Scarabeo 9, a rig to drill the waters off Cuba

Cuban Flotilla Irks Government, But Draws Few Spectators

New Americas Group Includes Cuba, Not US; China Cheers

US Experts Say Cuba Must be Crossed Off Terrorist Countries List‎

US Lawyer Arrested for Travelling to and Spending Money in Cuba‎

Cuban dissidents report arrests at peaceful march

US Renews Calls for Cuba to Release Alan Gross

Cyber commandos spill phone numbers of top Cuban officials

Cuba to offer loans to self-employed in latest reform‎

As Cuba Opens Up, Castro Hits Corruption


United Nations


UN Chief blasted by Russia over defense of NATO action against Libya

UN condemns Damascus bombs, expresses grave concern

Mass boycott leads to awkward silence at UN Kim tribute

UN official says flooded Philippines region looks as if hit by tsunami

UN Chief asks World community to act against violence in Syria

UN Chief Calls On Israel To Freeze All Settlement Expansion in West Bank

Hezbollah rejects French accusations over UN attack

Number of jailed journalists skyrockets Worldwide

UN Says Death Toll In Syria Has Surpassed 4,000‎

UN Chief says Congo must end violence

UN Chief warns Libyan rebels are detaining thousands illegally

WHO gears up as odd new flu virus spreads

Massive Global health fund says it’s broke

UN Chief asks Syrian leader to stop civilian killings

UN Chief Condemns New Sudan Rebel Alliance

Palestinian UN bid goes to the Security Council



Open Pollinated and Heirloom Vegetable Seeds

Worldwide Earthquakes: 1990-2009      

NOAA: Volcanic Ash Advisories

USGS: Weekly Volcanic Report

USGS: Earthquake Predictions Map

Meteorologist Todd Gross’ World Weather Now

US and World Population Clocks

The World Clock

Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

Today’s Date, All Of Them


Internet Traffic Report                                   

US Northern Command




Noda visit called a stimulus for development of China-Japan ties

New budget fails to accelerate Noda’s austerity drive

Disaster-struck Japan set for record-high spending

Radiation Fears Reshape Lives In Japan‎

US girl reunited with father after 4 years in Japan

Japan Declares Stricken Nuclear Plant Stable

Noda Said Pleased with Japan’s Successful Launch of New Spy Satellite

Tight schedules halt Noda-Obama summit

Support Slips Below Disapproval for Noda

Japan’s post-tsunami revival plan reaches tipping point

Japan to pick Lockheed’s F-35 as new stealth fighter

Noda warns crisis of the middle class around the World rampant

Japan stricken nuclear plant leaks radioactive water, some may have reached ocean

New radiation scare reported for rice in Japan

World’s costliest car crash reported in Japan

Central Bank Chief warns Japan outlook is severe




Singh blames India Inc for spreading despondency

Sonia says winning polls will be befitting reply to Anna’s campaign

India, China solve stapled visa issue; put off border talks

India lifts night ban on trains in Maoist areas

India Orders Websites to Remove Content

Methanol-Laced Liquor Kills Over 155 in Eastern India



Pakistan haunted by the spectre of a coup

Pakistan Army Chief Denies Coup Plans

Gilani welcomes army statement on coup rumours

Gilani Warns ‘Conspirators’ Are Working to Undermine Government

Pakistan Rejects US Findings on Border Attack

US ditches Zardari, a re-run of Musharraf’s episode‎

US halts $700 million in aid to Pakistan




Cyclone Grant winds lash Northern Territory’s Cobourg Peninsula

Gillard overlooked‎

Boat tragedy called a key test for both Gillard and Abbott

Australia offers to reopen South Pacific asylum centers

Australian state launches World’s toughest wind turbine laws

Series of strong earthquakes rattle New Zealand’s Christchurch

Death toll from Philippines storm rises above 1,000

160 asylum seekers feared dead off Java

Australian Banks Given One Week To Prepare For European “Meltdown”

Gillard shuffles the deckchairs to ward off Rudd rebellion

Gillard urged to stop treating science as luxury

Australia’s Treasury Secretary Says Economy Can Withstand Europe

Australia government eyes fresh power privatization round

Australian police leave strip searched woman  crying on ground

Gillard Wins Bid for Uranium Sales to India



Permanent Research Links


World News Connection


The Conscious Media Network


Free And Legal Music Downloads


Every American Entitled By Law To Free Credit Report

US Prepared: Free Emergency E-Book

What To Do If Nuclear Attack Imminent

New research  reveals developing wave of potentially violent anti-Semitism in US, Germany

Senior Military, Intelligence, and Government Critics of 9/11 Commission Report

November 30, 1941: Japan May Strike Over Weekend

FBI Declares Lack of Evidence to Connect Bin Laden to 9/11


Our World Today

Spectacular Christmas Comet Amazes Skywatchers in Chile

The Great Space Ball Mystery Has Been Solved

Mexico Mayan region launches apocalypse countdown

Giant Tsunami-Shaped Clouds Roll Across Alabama Sky

Shock as retreat of Arctic sea ice releases deadly greenhouse gas

‘God’ particle found: Atom smasher reveals Higgs boson, the key to the universe

Big climate change could happen fast – and soon

NASA’s Kepler space telescope finds possible ‘new Earth’

Supermassive black holes are largest ever discovered

Scientists Develop Two Scenarios For Cosmic Christmas Explosion

Man-made flu virus with potential to wipe out many millions if it ever escaped is created in research lab

Oklahoma has been hit by nine earthquakes since last Monday

New leaked emails rock global warming debate

Scientists probe Earth’s core, make mystifying discovery

Scientists warn world: Prepare for extreme weather

Basic principles of modern physics undermined after 2nd experiment confirms faster than light particle

Mysterious objects spotted by Google Map satellite in Gobi desert explained

World headed for irreversible climate change in five years, IEA warns

World to be hit by more weather disasters, scientists say‎


Interesting Developments

Scientists Invent Painless Dental Filling Process—Uses Plasma Toothbrush

Scientists say Turin Shroud is supernatural

Earth Has a Second Moon, Astronomers Say

Nanotechnology May Lead To The End Of Laundry

Last secret door of Great Pyramid to be opened in 2012

Alexander Graham Bell speaks from the 1880s: ‘Oh no!’

Huge, Cloaked UFO Near Mercury Exposed By CME

Mexico acknowledges 2nd Mayan reference to 2012

Mysterious Whale Graveyard Unearthed in Chilean Desert

Even more calendars predict End in 2012

Amazing low-tech harvester collects water from even the driest of air

What happens to the human body after drinking a can of cola

Spotted Horses in Cave Art Weren’t Just a Figment, DNA Shows‎

Hundreds Of Giant Aliens Unearthed Near African Village

Web Security Expert Warns Of Cyber World War With ‘Catastrophic Consequences’

Human ancestors mated with more than Neanderthals

Brain DNA ‘changes through life’

Teen violence linked to heavy soda diet

BPA plastic tied to behavior problems in girls

Fruits and Vegetables Could Modify Gene Linked to Heart Disease


Strange, Odd and Heroic

Visions of angels in Bible were ‘lucid dreams’ claims new sleep study

Can Loving a Robot Lead to Divorce?

17-Year-Old Girl Invents Nanoparticle That Kills Cancer Cells

Kittens discarded in cat food bag rescued by dog

Solve the online code, become a real-life spy

Movers, deputies refuse to evict 103-year-old woman

South Korea Rolls Out Robotic Prison Guards

Beam of Light Shines on Fallen Soldier’s Miracle Dog

Giant mound of tires in South Carolina visible from space

US mom pregnant with 20th child

Russian ‘genius’ lived with 26 female bodies

$1.1 Million German museum piece falls victim to cleaning lady

Dirty, sexy money: people saw sex toys, religious symbols on plastic cash

Dad Taking Photos of Daughter Gets Grilled by Cops, Banned from Mall

First Irish case of death by spontaneous combustion reported

Ketchup killing proves sauce of fun for Brazilian town

Why have 165 people gone missing from cruise ships?

This Toddler Won’t Eat — and Never Has

Gamers solve molecular puzzle that baffled scientists

World’s largest sperm bank has started turning down redheaded donors



It’s very simple; I’m a man that had questions and no one to answer them.

I researched current global issues for almost 5 years only to find that my questions lead to more questions.

The accepted truths by many have nothing to do with the actual truth. I will also endeavor to show you that all knowledge and truths are fluid when held accountable over time.

I, along with others, are exposing the non-truths of past generations and societies.
Please keep in mind that at some points in time during the history of mankind; the world was flat; the sun revolved around the earth and women were not to vote.

Nicholas Johnson Quote: Success can not and does not exist outside the realm of practicality.



 I write this short essay out of respect for my Lord and all people of all faiths.


 People simply amaze me at times. Over the years I have asked, “Do you believe that God works in mysterious ways”? The answer has always been “yes” if my memory serves me correctly.


 Stick with me because this gets a little insane.


 We say, and or believe, that God works in mysterious ways yet then we pursue paths to restrict his mysteriousness…


 The preacher, teacher, physicist, psychologist, sociologist, Christian, Muslim, Jew, etc. all want to put God’s ways and methods in to their own perceived restrictions.


 How does that work?


 I dare say that if we “knew” how he worked, the mysterious ceases to exist.


 I don’t have the egotistical notion to even begin to tell you the limits of my God…yet…someone is always there to set “his” limits for me.


 I often wonder how God may feel about people setting his limits.


 “I can only work from the Bible and not the Qu’ran; I can only help the Americans and not the Iranians; I can only help the hard workers and not the alcoholic, etc.

 I don’t know but I might be a little upset with children defining my limits.


 This is just food for thought; not designed to offend or upset anyone.